Are you a motivated and active person ready to set and achieve your goals? Whether you’re running 5k or going from ‘zero to hero’ the SportLab’s proven methods make a difference for you.

Who We Help
Our clients also include high performance and elite athletes including 5 Olympians (including 3 medalists), professional athletes, World Champions and top performance ‘age-groupers’. We work with individuals from juniors to early teens, from high school to varsity, ranging in age from 25 to 85.
Why People Work With Us
The SportLab works in all areas of the Active Community. If you’re an Active Individual and you want to receive the best in Sport Therapy and Sport Nutrition. Our clinicians combine refined academic knowledge and clinical skill with modern technology to offer the best information and care to our clients.
Optimum treatment and home care is ensured by completing a comprehensive intake and examination of each client.
Over the years, we’ve applied clearly defined treatment plans with realistic and measurable goals. That’s progress you can run with!