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image descriptionNutrition

At The SportLab, we recommend a broad range of supplements to serve the daily and event day fuelling needs of every individual. Whether you are a high performance athlete or you participate in sport recreationally, every “body” requires some nutritional supplementation. And no two people have body’s that require exactly the same support.

The SportLab can meet the fuelling needs of all athletes – including athletes who are vegetarian or vegan. Compounded and specially blended product for unique situations can also be recommended.

We are exceptionally knowledgeable in the field of Sport Nutrition and only suggest products we have thoroughly researched, and in many cases, have tested and use ourselves.

At The SportLab we’re athletes too. We know what works and we know what is “just marketing”!

image descriptionSport Therapy

The SportLab Team uses many progressive techniques and devices in our approach to Sport Therapy.

To supplement their in clinic treatments, clients will be asked, in most instances, to do at home exercises in order to help facilitate a more rapid recovery from their injury. This will help them get back to the activity they enjoy as soon as possible.

Ongoing practice of these at home exercises also aids in the reduction of a re-occurrence of the same injury in the future.

To get patients into their at home programs as soon as possible, we suggest the use of a range of physical tools from manufacturers including Thera-Band, SpiderTech, and TigerTail.

If you need a piece of equipment to speed up your recovery and get you back into your activity more quickly, we can suggest what to get started with.

carded athleteAre you a Carded Athlete?

Are you a Carded Athlete or an athlete who participates in a sport that is subject to drug testing?

Are the sport supplements you use clean?

Are you SURE the sport supplements you use are clean?

Do you really know what the symbols mean on product labels?

Do you know which companies “say” their products are clean when then haven’t been tested?

Some of Canada’s Olympic Athletes THOUGHT they knew.

Not until those athletes and teams spoke with The SportLab did they find out that what they THOUGHT was clean, couldn’t be guaranteed to be clean.

If you are an athlete who participates in a sport subject to drug testing, you NEED to speak with The SportLab to assure yourself that what you are using really is clean and won’t result in a possible negative result during any drug testing – random or otherwise.

And if your supplements are NOT guaranteed clean, we recommend the products that are!

Be sure and play it safe.