What we do

image descriptionPrevent injury

Sport injury prevention is one of the most commonly overlooked areas of training.

Sport related injuries most often occur at the start of each new season or when an athlete decides to try a new sport or challenge themselves to an endurance event such as a 10K run, a half marathon or a triathlon.

In these situations, most people’s bodies are just not prepared for the stresses their owners are about to place on them and as a result people often end up injured just as the season gets under way or after only a few weeks of training for their endurance event.

At The SportLab, we work closely with each client to develop a personalized injury prevention program specifically tailored to meet the demands each sport will place on their body.

By being pro-active, athletes with injury prevention programs experience fewer injuries, recover faster, have reduced down time from training and perform better in both endurance events and seasonal recreational activities such as golf, running, XC skiing, cycling and tennis.

By helping our clients get themselves physically ready, they get the very most out of their short season or challenge sport by being as injury free as possible.

Why? Because clients of The SportLab have bodies that are just better prepared.

image descriptionSport nutrition

Our clients tell us repeatedly that understanding Sport Nutrition is, without question, THE most confusing aspect of being an athlete.

They often express frustration that there are too many people presenting their points of view as to what is “right” in videos, on TV, in blogs, twitter feeds or in articles appearing in running, cycling, triathlon and other sport / health related magazines.

They say they don’t know who or what to believe and that it’s just too overwhelming for them.

Then, on top of all that, there is the world of sport supplements for them to try to navigate.

Literally hundreds, if not thousands of products, are being promoted by experts, gyms, personal trainers, health food stores, running shops, bike shops and pharmacies, not to mention pro athletes who “attribute their success to Product X” or “who set their record when using Product Y” !

Athletes have told us over and over they have no confidence in the information they have been exposed to and that they have no one to go to with their own specific Sport Nutrition questions about their own sport or activity specific needs.

Without question, a proper Sport Nutrition strategy is essential for optimum physical and mental performance during both training and on event day. This is true whether it be for an amateur athlete, a carded athlete or a recreational enthusiast. And it doesn’t matter if the individual is participating in an endurance sport, a power sport, or any number of general fitness activities.

Performance does depend on having and implementing the right Sport Nutrition program.

And at The SportLab, the “go to” person when it comes to Sport Nutrition is Lowell Greib.

Lowell has over a decade of formal education comprising his MSc in Biochemistry, 4 years of training at The Canadian Naturopathic College in Sport Medicine and countless hours of additional CME in nutrition and specifically, in Sport Nutrition.

He is constantly researching nutrition trends, reviewing scientific papers and evaluating new products. He is also a high level athlete himself. In March 2012 he completed his first marathon in LA in under 3 hours and qualified for Boston.

At The SportLab, Lowell will work with you to develop your first Sport Nutrition plan or evaluate your current Sport Nutrition program to determine if it is optimized to meet your needs. He will work with you to build a personalized fuelling strategy that is unique to you and he will continually adjust your daily fuelling plan to meet the ongoing changes that athletes always require.

Lowell will make sure you’re fuelling and supplementing your body with what it really needs, with products that are truly safe and he will prevent you from “buying into all the marketing”.

And, if you have an extended health benefits plan, there is a very good chance this Sport Nutrition Counseling is fully covered.

How do you know that you’ll get the best Sport Nutrition guidance from The SportLab?

Because Lowell knows the science, he knows the body, he knows what the body needs to perform at a high level in sport and he’s a top athlete himself. He knows what works. He knows how things work and he knows why things work.

At The SportLab, we’re athletes too.

image descriptionSport rehabilitation

Getting injured is one of the worst things any athlete can experience.

When an athlete is training for a specific event such as a marathon or IM 70.3 (which take place on a fixed date), or when an individual participates in a sport like XC skiing or lake swimming that is only possible during a short season, hearing the words “you need to take two to three weeks off” can be devastating.

At the SportLab, we’re athletes too and we know what hearing those words feels like.

We also know how to help you recover more quickly so you can return to your training as soon as possible and be able to participate in the event you signed up for. Or get back to that seasonal sport you enjoy so much. That is what is most important.

Optimal rehabilitation and recovery requires an individualized treatment approach that doesn’t just focus on the body system that’s been injured, but covers all your body systems. Because we’re athletes, we know you need to keep the rest of your body in training while your specific injury is treated and heals. We get that. And we’ll devise a treatment plan for you to accomplish that.

How do we know we can heal you faster and get you to the starting line “ready” to race?

Because at The SportLab, we’re athletes too.