Who we help

image descriptionThe SportLab works with a cross-section of Active Individuals.

The SportLab works in all areas of the Active Community. If you’re an Active Individual and you want to receive the best in Sport Therapy and Sport Nutrition, The SportLab is open to help you.

Our clients include pro athletes, varsity teams, high school teams, police officers, club teams, performance and high performance athletes, Paralympic, Olympic and X-Games athletes as well as many, many individuals who are active in sport purely for the fun of it.

Some are golfers, XC or downhill skiers, softball players, hikers and bikers. Others participate in swimming, basketball or play hockey. Still others enter triathlons or do marathons to complete, rather than compete, while others just run around the block.

The SportLab also works with volunteer firefighters and if you don’t think that’s an endurance sport, think again!

We work with individuals of all ages from sunfish to early teens, from high school to university, from 25 to 85 and every age in between.

If you’re an Active Individual participating in sport at any level, as an individual or as part of a team, and you’re looking for the best in Sport Therapy and Sport Nutrition, The SportLab is the place to go.