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Protein is King

The Protein Conundrum In recent years, a heated discussion has been evolving in the world of sport sciences that has permeated the lives of every active individual.  This chatter revolves around protein and how much of this essential macronutrient we should each be consuming on a daily basis.  The further one dives into the topic, […]

Evolution of Recovery

As a young person, we were taught that stretching before and after activity is something that will help us reduce injury, including sprains and strains.  The intent of the stretching was to better prepare us for activity (when done before) and allow for muscle recovery afterward.  The age old processes continue to occur, however, a […]

Why Normative (Baseline) Testing?

While normative (baseline) testing is recognized as an optional element for concussion management, The SportLab recommends normative testing for ALL athletes. The value of pre-injury normative testing (in neurocognitive, postural control, symptomology and clinical assessment) allows a clinician to delineate whether there is individual variability from a pre-injury state to an injured state.  Not only […]

Pre-Event Massage – Help or Hindrance?

After many hours of training, the entry fees paid and the commitment to participate in an event (whether your first or fortieth), the ever looming question of, ‘I wonder if there is something else I can do to prepare for my race?’, jumps into our heads.  This often leads to a phone call to you […]

Beyond “RICE”;  Progressive therapy for effective injury management.

I had been training for 16 weeks for my race, and the main event was a mere 3 days away. I was feeling great, a little nervous, but generally well prepared and excited to challenge my previous half-marathon time. It was a beautiful Thursday morning, I was walking my dog around the block and ‘BAM’ […]

Find Your Better in 2019

Resolve not to make resolutions! Rather, make the effort to set health related goals AND achieve them. In practicing sports medicine, it has become apparent that those with effective goal setting skills, generally speaking, have improved long term athletic success and in doing so have inadvertently learned the art of resiliency. How are these athletes […]