Holly Sundy

Holly is an Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Music in Piano Pedagogy and has instructed piano for over a decade in Muskoka. She has a passion for introducing youth to the arts (and sport) early in life.

Holly can generally be found being active and enjoying the Muskoka wilderness with friends and family. Holly has focused on maturing her running ability over the past decade. In fact, long distance running and her desire to further her knowledge of health and performance led her to The SportLab. The excellence in sport therapy The SportLab offers really struck a cord with her and her interest in health and movement.

Holly is an active member of the Muskoka Algonquin Runners and enjoys training with them on a weekly basis. Holly has participated in Around the Bay Road Race 30k several times and successfully completed the Toronto Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon in 2019. Beyond running, Holly has begun training and racing in triathlon – a natural addition to her sporting endeavours with the local landscape. 

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