Matt Schmanda

Matt is a Huntsville native and has returned back to his roots to practice professionally as a Registered Massage Therapist. From a young age, Matt was immersed in a variety of sports locally but also competed in volleyball (Barrie Elites Volleyball Club), badminton (Bracebridge Knight Hawks) and cross country skiing (Arrowhead Nordic ARC). Matt represented Huntsville High School in 3 OFSAA Badminton championships and led the senior boys to the OFSAA Volleyball Championships. With his active lifestyle, Matt sustained several injuries which ultimately leading to his studies sport rehabilitation. This led to his Massage Therapy Diploma with Georgian College where he also competed on the College volleyball team. As a Registered Massage Therapist, Matt is excited to return to his hometown to help active individuals achieve their health goals!


Diploma – Massage Therapy (Georgian College)
NCCP Coach


Barrie Elites Volleyball
Georgian College Volleyball
OFSSA Volleyball
3x OFSSA Badminton
Arrowhead Nordic ARC

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