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Stuff the Bird, Not Yourself

Quick!! Run to your cupboard of running fuel and grab all the gels packets you have. Gather all the gel you have been given at all the races that you have done as well as you regular fuel. Count them all up. You need 35 of them for this exercise. Now over the next six […]

Space Blankets – Heat, Help or Hype?

With a sea of slow moving, heavy breathing and salt stained hobbling bodies, one may think they have entered a zombie apocalypse. However, this real life scene of ‘The Walking Dead’ is something that all medical directors have experienced. As these half lifeless bodies slowly move through our finishing shoots they drag themselves toward a […]

Weed for the Win?

It’s race morning. I wake to hear the howling of the wind outside my hotel window and peak through the curtains to see a few scattered snowflakes swirling, typical for Hamilton, Ontario. Instantly my heart rate seems to have jumped through the roof with the thought of the 30km torture that lies ahead of me. […]