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Body Mass Index vs. Fat Mass Index

Body Mass Index (BMI) and Fat Mass Index (FMI) are two commonly used anthropometric measures to assess an individual’s body composition and health. While BMI has been widely used for decades, there is growing evidence suggesting that FMI may be a more preferable and accurate indicator of health, particularly in assessing obesity-related risks. FMI is […]

Estrogen Effects

Estrogen is one of the primary hormones crucial for sexual and reproductive development in women. Within the medical community, this hormone is well known to improve bone mass and density. However, scientific literature has recently explored the effects of estrogen on muscle, tendons and ligaments. This research is complex to conduct because many hormones – […]

When the shoe fits…

The time to be outdoors walking, hiking and running is now. With social distancing and limited (or no) access to organized sports, outdoor activity proves to be a great way to maintain health and improve cardiovascular fitness during these challenging times. One advantage of these activities is there is minimal equipment required: a pair of […]

The Complexities of Concussive Injury

We, like many of you, are parents. The confusing world of technology and readily accessible information, seemingly makes it difficult for a parent to understand clearly what is happening to their child when concussive injury occurs. As clinically trained medical professionals, we, ourselves find the information that is being delivered confusing. We strongly feel that […]

RED-S – Why training and fuelling need to align for performance

It seems far too appropriate that as I enjoy my second breakfast of the day I am writing about caloric deficiency. As a new mom, medical practitioner and endurance runner, I am constantly working on appeasing the nutritional demands my body requires. Why does breakfast number two matter in my world? Because I am writing […]

Fad Diet Myths – Trends that may keep you from achieving your goals

Fad diets are everywhere. Have you been falling into the quick fix ‘trap’?  With social media influencers touting the next greatest trend or television hosts discussing their miracle diets, it is easy to fall into the vortex of ‘paleo’, ‘intermittent fasting’, ‘macro’, ‘beach body’, ‘gluten free’ or ‘keto’. As trained clinicians who deliver care based […]